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XHIBIT 6,  Preston Contemporary Art Center,  2011-12, p.28

"Definitely landscapes to be experienced by metaphorically strolling through the fluid structure, texture and patterns of the artist's imagination, Consequence, Elegy, and Zappa are reminiscent of water seen from above. Stuart achieves a rhythmic surface tension that generates a great deal of visual energy as well as charged emotional content through the process of creating her work."

Mary Anne Redding, Curator of Photography, New Mexico History Museum

Romantic Materialism;  Signe Stuart, Jesse Small, and Brandon Reese,  June 2008

"... her installations are a metaphor for life's journeys and relationships and for nature's patterns of inner structures and systems. This is evident in her installation at Untitled ArtSpace, which includes a passageway that evokes a journey through space and a wall of plastic that imitates the often intricate patterns of nature. "

John Seward, Artistic Director Unititled ArtSpace

Santa Fe Reporter,  Arts and Culture  June 18-24, 2008, p.49

"Signe Stuart likes to play at work. Her explorations of paper art leads to organic vibrant pieces that seem more discovered than created. Multilayered and rhythmically complex, Stuart's art draws greatly from her critical understanding of color to crystallize the potency of her work. The result: statements that invite the observer to consider new relationships between natural elements and discover the elusive patterns that already exist in nature."

Josiah Stephens, writer for the Santa Fe Reporter

Patient Process, 2001 (exhibition catalog) Trusting Intuition

"{Stuart's} real enterprise seems a process of exploration that is not easily made verbal, a way she says, of offering a 'meta language that uncovers the nature of material.' Thus she moves through a long-practiced process, step by step, to approach intuited conclusions about how the world (somehow) is."

Donald Doe, Curator for Patient Process exhibition, Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College

The Magazine, June 1998,  Solo Exhibition: Signe Stuart  p.37

..."She's got the balance right between integrity of form and passionate expression."

Christine Hemp, writer for The Magazine

Signe Stuart: Retrospective, 1995, (exhibition catalog) p.24

"{Stuart's} journey has been one from a commitment to rigorous geometrical abstraction, from a largely intellectual imposition onto the world, to something more emotive, something more tinged with her experiences and ruminations. Over the last thirty years she has loosened the grid and abraded the line and in doing so she has opened up her consciousness to the mystery of the forces that surround her and surround us as well."

James Yood, critic for Artforum and the New Art Examiner

Signe Stuart (catalog), 1989

"Cervantes believed that there is neither center nor circumference with the universe. Signe Stuart's work, in both execution and content, suggests that Cervantes was right. Hers is a work of connections."

Laurel Reuter, Director North Dakota Museum of Art

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